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Doctor/Physician Leads


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In marketing products to the medical profession, the internet is proving to be an important means of reaching the intended market. In particular, doctor email leads are found to be one of the major tools considered to be effective in delivering the message to the potential customers.


The theory is that once the intended market is identified, it is easier and more expeditious to send product information. The caveat is that the physician leads must be complete and detailed – meaning that it is not a simple matter of generating a list but getting one of valuable quality.  You need to get a detailed email list not just any kind of health and wellness professional email leads.


One way of doing this is by giving the product a strong website presence to attract the relevant leads. Another way is finding doctors leads package from reputable and credible list generating companies.


SalesLeadsPlus is one such list generating company, with packages that have all the relevant details and information that are tailored to the specific business needs of the individual companies. We have confidence in our products that interested parties can check and evaluate upon requests.

OVER 785,000 LEADS LEADS INCLUDE: First name Last name Title Specialty Address City State Zip County Medical School Attended Location of Residency Training Phone Fax Email (If available) Website (If available) Primary Specialty Secondary Specialty Graduation Year Major Activity Hospital Group Practice Abms Certification Lead Count By State 1,167 Alaska 10,161 Alabama 5,145 Arkansas 12,688 Arizona 89,874 California 11,531 Colorado 11,555 Connecticut 3,809 District of Columbia 2,457 Delaware 43,026 Florida 20,457 Georgia 4,047 Hawaii 6,948 Iowa 2,704 Idaho 36,558 Illinois 14,236 Indiana 6,812 Kansas 9,420 Kentucky 12,037 Louisiana 31,571 Massachusetts 21,538 Maryland 4,170 Maine 30,934 Michigan 14,940 Minnesota 14,987 Missouri 5,886 Mississippi 2,307 Montana 21,293 North Carolina 1,593 North Dakota 4,591 Nebraska 3,488 New Hampshire 27,443 New Jersey 4,884 New Mexico 4,694 Nevada 67.781 New York 29,389 Ohio 7,784 Oklahoma 10,768 Oregon 38,357 Pennsylvania 3,753 Rhode Island 10,472 South Carolina 1,811 South Dakota 15,344 Tennessee 46,469 Texas 5,001 Utah 19,547 Virginia 2,276 Vermont 17,606 Washington 14,012 Wisconsin 4,999 West Virginia 993 Wyoming File Format: Multiple .xls (Microsoft Excel) Files ** LEADS also broken down by state ** ** Instant Download ** ** Free CD/DVD Disc Mailed to You **

USA Physician Leads

Our Price: $1,295.00
3+ Million Total Leads Leads Include: First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffix Organization Type ID Number Address City State Zip Phone (1.25 Million with Phone) Fax (700,000+ with Fax) File Format: .txt (Notepad) File ** Instant Download ** ** Free CD/DVD Disc Mailed to You **

70,000+ Total Leads. Leads Include: Company Name Address City State Zip Phone # Fax # (If Available) Email Address Website Address (If Available) Contact Name File Format: .csv (Microsoft Excel) File ** Instant Download ** ** Free CD/DVD Disc Mailed to You **

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