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40% - 50% of sales success is directly connected to your telemarketing leads.

Sales Leads Plus exists because quality of marketing leads does matter … a lot.

You expect your sales force to outperform their last marketing campaign results. In order to empower them to succeed, you need the very best quality telemarketing leads you can obtain. Here at Sales Leads Plus, our talented team of experts in marketing and dedicated IT artisans have researched and identified the contact data we know which will outperform our competitors. We make it our business to excel at creating accurate contact data, in effective demographic compilations.

You business must comply with the whims and demands of today’s target buyer. This is best accomplished by conducting your telephone marketing campaigns from permission based opt-in telemarketing leads. Our team at Sales Leads Plus ensures that all telemarketing leads packages we offer, or custom compile, will never feature contact data for consumers on the Do Not Call List. Our sales leads data is updated regularly, several times every year, to offer you the very best data that is fresh and accurate.

Empower your phone staff with telemarketing lists from Sales Leads Plus.

It doesn’t matter what avenue you use to contact prospects that either need or want the products or services your business has to offer. You must address the market’s demand that only permission based marketing be done. The alternative is that you have expended a lot of labor and marketing campaign funding, with no hope of increasing your sales volume. It is imperative that the telemarketing prospects your provide your sales team with be accurate and connect you with a willing target audience.

You can’t just reach out and touch someone to succeed in sales today. Your company must be able to reach the right someone, at the optimum moment and convey the appropriate marketing message to win. That is a pretty tall order to fill. Working with telemarketing lists compiled by our team will connect your phone staff with the right people. Your part in completeing the proper quotient for increasing sales is moving in a timely manner with fresh telemarketing contacts and a well constructed marketing message.

Increase ROI and sales today with telemarketing leads from Sales Leads Plus.

You will find that we have an excellent array of demographics in both business and consumer pre-packaged telemarketing contacts. Our data compiliation is one of the best anywhere because we personally over see the collection and sorting of all of the leads provided by Sales Leads Plus. We keep our costs of operation trimmed right down to a minimum in order to compete in today’s marketplace. Your company will not find better quality sales leads at lower prices anywhere.

Your telemarketing prospects are only as reliable as the source of collection and compilation. The majority of our customers are repeat business or the referrals of one of our many satisfied clients. Our reputation for providing all types and sizes of business ventures with the best sales leads and data services have led Sales Leads Plus to being the number one choice for sales success.

Don’t dial endlessly without increasing sales! Better contact leads = easy sells.

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