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The world of interruption marketing was long ago laid to rest.

There is only one kind of sales leads that are considered by buyers today.

No one pays any attention, whatsoever ... To people trying to sell them something they didn’t opt-in to hear about. Think about it, how much notice do you personally give to in your face advertising for things you didn’t ask to be shown? None of us has any time or attention span for products or services that is not needed or wanted by us right now. The days of blanket spreading your name and offerings about in hopes of future sales have long since passed away.

Both businesses and consumers today purchase anything, and everything, by these protocols – in order as they are listed:

  1. Need or desire tells them to look for a product of service.
  2. The price they can afford or are willing to pay for these items.
  3. Convenience and instant gratification capabilities.
  4. They won’t expend much effort in digging and hunting for the solution, in most cases.
  5. If they cannot find what they want at that instant, they start opting in for more options.

Opt-in sales leads are worth their weight in gold.

Your ability to capture the sale with your target audience is greatly dependent on sales leads that are both current and of very high quality. This is why businesses of every size and in all industries, are turning to today’s best and most effective marketing method. Smart companies rely on high quality sales leads for their success. Advertising in mass media channels; both print and on television, are far more expensive and extremely less effective than using sales prospects for pre-qualified buyers.

Both business and consumer buyers of all price point levels today, rely more on the Internet and their email to research and purchase, almost everything they need or want. The targeted opt-in leads available from Sales Leads Plus are just what your organization needs. We offer you the solution to connect with the right people that will put wind to the sails of your sales team. We have pre-packaged sales contacts in your choice of contact lists and databases, along with highly customized and intently targeted niche sales prospects generation.

In today’s economy, you cannot afford to operate without targeted sales prospects.

Your closings and sales captures will be fewer and farther between using yesterday’s methods of marketing, let alone the methodss everyone quit paying any attention to 5-10 years ago. If you are going to operate a thriving business today, you absolutely must have sales contacts that are of exceptional quality and pre-qualified using permission based opt-in methods.

Sales Leads Plus puts the passion of a team of savvy and experienced marketing professionals and IT artisans in the hands of your marketing staff. This process is easily accomplished by taking full advantage of our intuitive sales prospects lists and databases. We’re on top of today’s marketing game, which is the basis of our custom sales contacts services and pre-packaged lists your company is offered by Sales Leads Plus. Our success and quality is what has carried us to becoming a leader in leads list generation for every conceivable market that exists today.

Gain access to 200+ million consumer and 13 million business sales prospects today.

Marketing is a piece of cake … for clients at Sales Leads Plus.

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