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In today’s market you need a reliable pre-qualified real estate lead source.

For fresh, hot prospects, you can’t do better than Sales Leads Plus.

One of the main ingredients to being a top performing realty agent is having a continual refreshing real estate lead source. Your job is to excel in pairing the perfect house with the right consumer. In order to motivate them to buy and repeatedly close deals that don’t fall apart, you needs pre-qualified leads from a reliable, quality source.

Actually, you will gain far more than just increased sales when using a top notch real estate lead provider. Realtors who use Sales Leads Plus also tend to obtain the highest professional recognition. Why is that, you might wonder? They are some of the top producers in the industry.

Top notch real estate agents depend on Sales Leads Plus every day.

We make it our business to know what creates a hot, prequalified real estate contact. Our knowledge of your marketplace makes us well aware of your issues in today’s mortgage slump and increasing FSBO listings. If you’re passionate about matching the right home with the perfect buyer, Sales Leads Plus is your answer. Creating fresh, pre-qualified leads lists and databases just happens to be our thing.

If you are already armed with the rest of the tools and knowledge that make an agent a top performer, all you need now is connections to hungry prospects ready to buy. Sales Leads Plus is a team of marketing and sales savvy pros that work closely with IT wizards to create a connection between you and your market. We can target one state, several states or even provide you with a nationwide real estate prospect database.

The best real estate lead source today is Sales Leads Plus.

Our realtor clients are comprised of both part time and full time agents who are ready to dominate their market. Some of our biggest accounts in real estate contact provisions are savvy real estate firms, sales managers and team leaders. They are well aware of just how valuable our fresh, pre-qualified databases of hungry to buy conumers are. They rely on us to create and deliver the perfect leads lists for their areas and regions.

Today’s cost conscious and instant satisfaction driven home buyers have discovered the convenience of using the Internet to shop for their next home. This makes it perfect to relocate with a ready and waiting place to call home upon arrival without a great deal of expense in travel and lodging in preparation for their move. Smart real estate agents realize that the perfect buyer for any property available right now, most likely will not be an already local shopper. Sales Leads Plus can provide you with permission based opt-in real estate lead lists for your region from home shoppers around the country. Coupled with our local contact directories, this puts your tools for selling at a distinct advantage.

You can increase your closings with real estate lead lists at great prices.

Sales Leads Plus … experts in delivering fresh, pre-qualified homebuyers.

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