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Your hunt for top notch new business leads is over!

Sales Leads Plus is your best solution for increasing sales success.

Smart sales managers know that marketing campaigns today are only as successful as the quality of new business leads targeted. While it was once very simple to send out 5000 direct mail brochures and land about 100 sales, this isn’t the case anymore. In today’s buyer driven marketplace, every industry serving both consumers and businesses, will only succeed at increasing sales if the campaign reaches the right audience.

To empower your sales people today, you must have high quality new business leads that are fresh and accurately targeted. Without the perfect list, your marketing efforts are quite likely doomed from the start. No one, including you, wants to be bombarded with offers for products or services that you have no use or desire for. Additionally, have you any idea how many trees were sacrificed to the tsunami of junk mail advertisers over the course of the past 30 years?

Non-targeted direct mail marketing is bad for the environment.

Direct mail marketing is not as effective or inexpensive as the many options offered through modern online marketing methods. Consumer, business and industrial buyers have all embraced to speed and convenience of researching, comparing prices, getting quotes and finally making that purchase directly over the Internet. This makes your marketing campaign launch take on rapid speed, compared to the old fashioned direct mail approach. However, its effectiveness is only going to be as good as that list of new business contacts that you have obtained.

To succeed in selling products and services today to any market segment, your best choice of maneuvers is going to embrace the online experience as well. At Sales Leads Plus we offer you the perfect list of permission based new business prospects for Internet marketing through direct contact. We can provide you with fresh request opt-in form sales leads to connect you with your target audience and niche market. The narrower your field of approach in today’s marketplace, the better your ROI and increase in sales will be.

Sales Leads Plus is the #1 option for effective new business contacts today.

We are able to price our leads lists and databases exceptionally low because we handle all collecting, filtering and listing of our leads compilations completely in-house. Additionally, we always operate in a very cost conscious, bare minimum manner. Our team is a group of experienced marketing and sales consultants who work side by side with expert IT wizards. All of this has created a new business prospects company that is a passionate leader in the marketing leads industry.

Unlike many of our competitors, Sales Leads Plus is not a company that obtains previously distributed leads and repackages them for resale. This is part of the problem with many sources for new business contacts at affordable pricing. We are not a reseller, nor do we allow our fresh, accurate leads to be resold. The resale market for sales leads is undermining the very purpose of being able to connect with your target buying group with any effect to the positive. Some things are just not recyclable, like toilet paper and marketing leads.

You need fresh, hot connections for all of your new business prospects.

Sales Leads Plus can, and will … provide you with the perfect leads today.

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