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Your trusted source for accurate, profitable life insurance sales leads are here.

Sales Leads Plus is the professional life insurance leads solution.

Successfully closing new policy sales in life and casualty lines is highly dependent on the quality and reliablility of your life insurance sales leads. No matter how well you know the lines and policy details, stale or unverified leads will make increasing your closings difficult. For life insurance agents stand to lose the most in probable policy sales from bad prospect leads. To really do well, your best bet is to have a continually renewable source of fresh leads for direct mail, phone and Internet contact with your target group of prospects for insurance.

People just are no longer content to accept the quotes from their local insurance agency. As all consumers demand the lowest price possible on everything they purchase, more prospects are turning to online research for life insurance cost comparisons. They embrace the instant gratification and convenience that permission based opt-in web forms offer them. Your savvy prospects want fast quotes for lower premiums. Today, life insurance sales leads requested over the Internet are the solution to increasing sales in a savings hungry market.

Sales Leads Plus is your #1 option for Internet life insurance sales contacts.

Successful life and casualty agents know that the most accurate data on their leads are key to connecting with new customer prospects. Unlike other types of sales leads, life insurance sales prospects must be privacy-compliant. These specialty marketing leads must all be compiled with the widest range variables of targeting criteria possible. Not just any targeted sales leads company can produce the highly accurate leads required by life insurance sellers. Sales Leads Plus has been assisting savvy life insurance industry professionals to increase new business for years. We do this by providing our life and casualty customers with a source for fresh, reliable leads.

They trust in our pre-packaged life insurance sales contacts to be sorted and compiled using all the filters life insurance policy sales require. If you find that more filters are needed for your underwriting efforts, contact us right away. We will be happy to quickly create a custom filtered list accurately tailored to your selling situation. Whether your marketing concentrates of direct mail contact or Internet connectivity, we have the insurance sales prospects list or database you need. You can generate more successful closings with our consumer contact data.

Sales Leads Plus insurance sales leads are accurately filtered as follows:

  • Date of birth
  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Household income
  • Children living in the home
  • Home ownership
  • Home market value
  • Length of residence
  • New movers or homeowners
  • Do Not Call List compliant telephone numbers

Sales Leads Plus is passionate about high quality data and accuracy.

Don’t assume that our excellent prices equate lower accuracy than available at our competition. Your cost has nothing to do with the reliability our life insurance sales contacts. At Sales Leads Plus we keep our prices low by operating in a very cost conscious manner. We also personally collect, filter and compile all of our life insurance contact data in-house. Our team of marketing experts, savvy insurance sales consultants and IT professionals know exactly what your industry needs to increase policy sales in today’s buyer driven marketplace.

Your number one source for life insurance sales prospects of the highest quality.

Sales Leads Plus is a leader in the professional insurance industry.

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