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The most profitable insurance sales leads come from trusted sources.

Sales Leads Plus is the insurance professional’s leads solution.

Your ability to make exceptional money as an insurance agent or broker is, without a doubt, highly dependent on the accuracy and reliablility of your insurance sales leads. No matter how well you know your individual lines, if your leads are stale or unverified, closing deals can be beyond difficult. In fact, insurance is probably the one industry that stands to loose the most by trying to earn a living from bad sales leads. This is especially true for life insurance agents.

Due to our current troubled economy, more consumers are turning to the Internet to research, and do pricing comparisons for all insurances. As with all markets, people are not content with just accepting the pricing offered by their local insurance agency. This coupled with the demand for instant gratification and convenience, has opened your market base to embrace permission based opt-in forms to get fast quotes for lower premiums. Internet collected insurance sales leads are now extremely vital to your selling success.

Sales Leads Plus is the #1 choice for Internet insurance sales contacts data.

It is imperative that agents for all types of insurance obtain the most accurate data in order to locate new customers in strong numbers. Unlike other types of sales leads, insurance sales leads must be privacy-compliant. These specialty marketing leads must all be compiled with the widest targeting criteria available. Not just any sales leads company is capable of producing accurate leads of use to insurance sales people. Sales Leads Plus has been helping insurance industry professionals be more profitable for years, by providing them with a trusted source for leads.

Our pre-packaged insurance sales prospects are sorted and compiled using the most common filters required by our most valuable insurance customers. If you don’t find the perfect filtered list for your marketing efforts, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be able to create a custom filtered list to fit your selling situation quickly and accurately. Whether your marketing concentrates of direct mail contact or Internet connectivity, we have the perfect insurance sales contacts list or database to generate a more successful sales venue for all insurance lines professionals.

Sales Leads Plus insurance sales leads are accurately filtered as follows:

  • Date of birth
  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Household income
  • Children living in the home
  • Home ownership
  • Home market value
  • Length of residence
  • New movers or homeowners
  • Do Not Call List compliant telephone numbers

Sales Leads Plus is passionate about quality data and accuracy.

Just because our prices are lower than you find anywhere else, has nothing to do with our insurance sales contacts reliability. Unlike most of our competitors, at Sales Leads Plus we collect, filter and compile all of our insurance data records hands on and in-house. Our team of savvy marketing experts, insurance sales consultants and IT magicians know exactly what the professional insurance industry needs today to increase their sales.

Your number one source for insurance sales prospects of the highest quality.

Sales Leads Plus is a leader in the professional insurance marketing industry.

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