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Selling in the marketplace today means working with direct marketing contacts.

Sales Leads Plus is the #1 source for quality, reliable sales leads today.

Remember the old adage that a business without a sign, was a sign of no business at all? To succeed in business, you will be taking down every sign you ever erected if you are working without direct marketing leads. In fact, many businesses have absolutely no use for a sign in today’s marketplace. No one can see your sign over the Internet. The majority of purchasing, either in retail and wholesale or by businesses, is done quickly and conveniently online.

Today you need a website much more than you do some old sign. Whether you are selling products or services to consumers or businesses, you will get nowhere fast without direct marketing leads. Today’s permission based marketing demands are a direct reaction to in-your-face, interruption advertising. Not only that, to be competitively priced in today’s marketplace all the middlemen must be done away with. To succeed in business today, you must do direct marketing on demand from your target buyer.

Every business, in any industry requires quality direct marketing prospects today.

At Sales Leads Plus contact data compilation is our passion. The team is comprised of experienced marketers, expert sales consultants and savvy IT people. This combination allows us to collect, sort and check our data for accuracy completely in house. The result of our unique organization is that we can offer your business the best quality direct marketing leads, at the lowest prices. Our sales leads are not some repackaged resellers data.

If you are going to win at increasing your sales and improving ROI, you most definitely will be best poised for success with fresh direct marketing contacts. The last thing you need is to expend a great deal of labor and marketing campaign funding only to discover you have purchased a leads list that is stale and beyond over worked. Unfortunately, this scenario happens quite regularly. Before you spend hard earned money on a direct marketing prospects already in circulation to literally thousands of sales teams, you would be better off using the local phone book … free of charge.

Quality direct marketing contacts are fresh, accurate and not resellers’ packages.

When you purchase both consumer and business direct marketing prospects data from Sales Leads Plus, you can be sure that it will never be the same tired lists our competiton market. The majority of our customers are repeat business and their referrals. We did not build our wonderful loyal client base by pawning off contact data as old and dusty as dinosaurs.

Your company needs fresh, pre-qualified direct marketing contacts and that’s exactly what you get from Sales Leads Plus. We continually collect excellent and complete data from permission based online opt-in forms as our largest source of direct marketing prospects. Your sales staff will be equipped to succeed, instead of destined for failure before they make that very first prospect contact. This is what your company needs to grow and thrive in the 21st century.

Pre-packaged or customer tailored, our direct marketing contacts are top notch.

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